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GXU Medical Imaging is leading the way in providing specialised medical imaging services with a vision to improve healthcare in the Hunter region.

Finalists in the Health Improvement Services category of the Hunter Local Business Awards, GXU’s mission is to offer timely and precise diagnostic services.

Services cater to a broad spectrum of clients, reflecting the diverse needs of the community. Clients range from the very young, including babies still in utero, to children, adults and older patients.

“We are committed to providing world-class care in the Hunter,” said principal radiologist Dr Scott Quadrelli. “Our team is adept at understanding and meeting the unique requirements of each age group, ensuring everyone receives personalised care.”

Dr Quadrelli is a proud Hunter local and principal radiologist with subspecialty training in cardiac imaging and procedural radiology. He has recently taken over the business founded by sonographers Peter Sylow and Troy Anderson.

“Their combined expertise set the tone for our team, emphasising precision and care in medical imaging,” Dr Quadrelli said. “Our team is driven by the shared belief in delivering top-notch yet accessible healthcare, echoing the vision of our founders.”

As well as X-ray, ultrasound and CT, and in keeping with advancements in technology, GXU is excited to announce the introduction of a new private MRI service in November, utilising one of the most advanced 3T Siemens MRI scanners available (Siemens, Prisma).

“GXU will offer a comprehensive service ranging from musculoskeletal MRI to advanced Cardiac MRI,” Dr Quadrelli said.

“All reports will be meticulously overseen by a certified level B coronary CT expert. “As part of this service, we will offer advanced cardiac MRI.”

In addition, GXU provide specialised pain management services and biopsies to ensure patients receive swift diagnoses, thereby preventing treatment delays.

“We are expanding our services to include interventional radiology pain management and biopsies, a service I have been providing in the Hunter for the last three years,” Dr Quadrelli said. “Our primary goal is to ensure patients’ treatments are not stalled due to the waiting times. We take pride in having a full-time on-site radiologist available for immediate consultations.”

Success at the awards would be a monumental acknowledgment of the dedication, hard work, and passion GXU Medical Imaging brings to the table every single day.

“For our incredible staff, who are the backbone of our operations, this accolade would serve as a testament to their unwavering commitment and their expertise in delivering unmatched care,” Dr Quadrelli said.

“It would reinforce the belief that their dedication does not go unnoticed and that they are truly making a difference in the lives of our patients. For GXU as a business, this win would solidify our standing in the community as a trusted and reliable partner in health.

“Moreover, it would motivate us to push boundaries further, continue innovating, and strive to set even higher benchmarks in the field of medical imaging and healthcare.

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